6 thoughts on “Interview from World Fantasy

  1. Dear Vylar, I really enjoyed this interview, and was curious about the story formula you mentioned. If that’s something you still feel like sharing, I would love to hear more.


    • You’re right! Mur was supposed to remind me to post that before the interview went live. Let me see if I can do that sometime this week, thanks!


  2. This interview was so valuable that I’m listening to it for the second time! I would also love to see the formula. Thank you for helping to make the invisible visible.


    • Darn it, I promised to post that formula and then failed to do so. I am very sorry. Let me get that as soon as I can. Do you happen to know what minute I start talking about that topic?


  3. I think it was close to the end of the interview. Maybe about six minutes before the end of the episode? Sorry I can’t get to it right now!


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