Sky and Sea

There was a time when the Sky ruled us, O my love, and everything was in its place.  The Sky above, the Sea below, and we of this island loved the stars.  You’ll remember your round blue beads, love, that you threaded into a necklace for our wedding day.  I admired them as you straddled me, glorious, and we joined as man and wife.  Sky and sea.  Those beads have returned to their origins in the depths.  Are your hands and feet dry, love?  Because I want you to be comfortable.  You must listen to my story.

When the Sky ruled–and this story you will not know, love, as men have passed the lore to each other through generations–we men were fierce fisherman, spearing the long gray eels and snatching them with our free hands.  The Sea was our hunting ground, spread for our pleasure.  In those days, Sky was closer to us, love.  A man could stretch his arms and touch father and mother at once.  We knew when a woman bore our child and we chose our women by our own desire.  Does that surprise you, love?  Do you wonder if I would have chosen you?  The answer is yes, a thousand times yes.  But hold still.  Listen.

You’ve been told that Sea saved our people, love.  When Sky raged against us–his children born of fallen stars–Sea hid us and nurtured us under the clouds.  Sky threw lightning and thunder, but could not strike us.  Sea cloaked us in greens from her belly, with seaweed that fed us and warmed us.  For this we thank Sea in our prayers.

But love, do you know the true story of Sea?  She tricked Sky into birthing us at all.  She tempted the stars with their own reflections, glittering in her waves.  The stars cannot resist their own, my love.  They dove for their visions, and Sea caught them and birthed our people.  Thus Sea made us without Sky’s permission–yet Sky must watch over us and cannot leave.

Do you not think she deserves punishment, love?

I know you’d answer me if you could.  Silk absorbs all sound.

And so over time, Sky hated his reign and his children, and ascended further and further until we could no longer touch him.  Sky left us, love.  And this is the doing of Sea.  Once Sky left, we men became weak, and women rose to run the tribes.  Now men care for the children while women wage war.  And women choose men for fertility, beauty, or any other reason they please.  The only power left to men is our seed–which women may tease from us, and create children without our consent.

As you have done, love.  I know what you’ve done.

Sky is too far, love, but Sea is close. I’m sure you understand why your bonds are so tight.  The gag is so you’d listen to my story.  The Sea remembers you, love, and will reclaim her daughter with only a splash.  And someday we men will bring the Sky closer once more, and reclaim the stars as our birthright.