I’m finally recovered from WisCon.  It was an awesome experience–the best con I’ve gone to, so far.

Highlights of the con: The Tiptree auction was, of course, completely hysterical.  I’m sorry I missed the beginning of it, but I saw plenty to keep me amused.  Ellen Klages is a great comedian.

The dessert salon was fun, although we got there so late that only a few desserts remained.  At least the carrot cake was yummy.  The Guest of Honor speeches were amazing–Jane Yolen and Kate Wilhelm both spoke with such grace, strength, and power that it felt like the room was under a spell.

I gave a reading with the ToolPunk (ToolPorn) group from my Clarion West ’04 class.  That was a lot of fun, and it was cool to hear a variety of stories on the same theme–but all very different.

The networking was very helpful for me–particularly a conversation with Sarah Prineas and David Levine, as well as a later conversation with Geoff Ryman and Eileen Gunn.

Definitely a con I want to visit next year, too.

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