WisCon writing workshop & panels

I’m confirmed as one of the pros participating in the WisCon writing workshop. Time to practice with my electric cattle prod and extra-sharp pencils!

I’ll also be on two panels, both of which sound really interesting:

Lightning Write (The Craft And Business of Writing SF&F)

Is it practice or parlor game? Everyone brings a one line quotation, favorite phrase, or theme. Mix them up and get one back. Write for ten minutes and incorporate in the the line or theme. Then switch, and the next person adds on. Switch with someone again and 5 minutes to finish up. Time is left for sharing the results. Prizes for dramatic readers. No writer credentials required. Silly to seraphic, it’s all about sparking creative minds.

The Human Genome (Science and Technology)

Is our culture changing now that the human genome has been mapped? What does it mean that segments of our genes are now patented by individuals as well as pharmaceutical companies? How important is it to know who our ancestors are?

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