WisCon highlights

  • WisCon, as always, was incredible. A superbly-run con, with great people and great events. Definitely a con I’ll go back to every year.
  • My favorite panel was the one on writer’s block, led by Rosanne Bane. She had terrific suggestions for how to get through persistent blocks. One takeaway for me was that blocks are often for good reasons, even if you can’t consciously identify those reasons. Another was the Flail Technique. If you’re writing a first draft and you get stuck, just type [FLAIL] and then ramble on for a few sentences saying whatever you like. You can cut it later. And eventually you’ll wander back to the point. The point is to keep yourself typing. I’m going to try that one.
  • WisCon did a lot of great things to help people have access to the con, like large-print signs and wheelchair zones in the programming areas. I’d love to see more cons aware of these issues.
  • The Glorifying Terrorism reading went fabulously well. Great turnout, great discussion–and it lasted until almost 1 AM. James Trimarco and Rachel Swirsky did a superb job acting out scenes from my story “Civilization” (paper hats with ribbons! chocolate for the audience! badger badger mushroom!) Maureen Kincaid Speller gave a great description of the GT law and its implications for the UK.
  • Like Nick Mamatas, I was disappointed at the lack of eggs in the Governor’s Club. Next year I’ll bring plastic Easter eggs and hide them under the bar. But the free drinks were nice, especially on Monday night when I just wanted to unwind.
  • I’ve got to get my butt on LiveJournal.
  • Shannon saved the day with a well-timed tofu dog which he forced upon me. Slash writers, interpret as you will.

3 thoughts on “WisCon highlights

  1. Glad you had a great time at WisCon!

    I had a teacher in high school teach me the Flail method (under another name and slightly different technique) and it’s been useful for me for years since! (I even do it when programming code, which sounds weird, but as long as it keeps me typing, I make it through).


  2. I’ve used a variation called “They All Died Horribly” for a while. But I like the simplicity of just the word [FLAIL].


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