Write-a-Thon: Day 1

I’ll be updating my blog daily with my Write-a-Thon progress.

Things I’ll talk about: what I wrote about, wordcount, and anything interesting I experienced while writing

Things I won’t talk about: the quality of the piece. (Why not? Because I want to practice keeping an open mind during the creative stage. I usually hate everything I write during the first draft, which makes writing miserable a lot of the time. I’d like to be less critical–at least until I’m ready to edit.) So if you guys catch me judging how good or bad the actual story is, you’re officially allowed to whistle me offsides for a 5-yard penalty. Since I don’t have a yard, I’ll go pick up trash around the apartment complex. That counts for at least five yards. Yes, I’m serious. Please note that talking about a difficult day of writing is not the same as criticizing the story itself. You guys will know.

So, today’s experience:

I wrote about blood diseases, poverty, and an orange tomcat. It felt good to sit down and take this project seriously. And the best part was–it didn’t matter what the quality was at all. For all I know, I may never finish this story. I felt very free. So far, I’m liking this project. 🙂

1304 words.

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