Write-a-Thon: Day 4

Note: I’m going to start rounding off wordcounts.

Rough day. 600 words about the way dreams don’t quite fit together. Then I went back to the art teacher story. I wanted to write another scene but I only got 100 words out on it. It’s weird–I felt terrible about trying and failing, but if I hadn’t even tried I would have felt fine. It was the failed attempt that upset me so much.

I have a lot of trouble with “moving targets.” When I meet a goal, I think, “Oh, I can do more than that!”–and I try to do more. And of course eventually I hit a wall and can’t do more, and then it’s like my previous successes vanish. Kind of like double or nothing, except I keep doubling until my luck turns and then I have nothing.

Must find solution. Somehow.

Going to bed with a headache. 😦

2 thoughts on “Write-a-Thon: Day 4

  1. Maybe you need to look at “failed attempts” differently. The value of a failed attempt is that you learn that it’s going to be difficult or impossible to proceed down that particular path. That knowledge is great! And you would never have known that for sure until you tried.


  2. That’s true. I learned that what I did yesterday didn’t work… and I think what I did today, in response to that lesson, may have worked better. I’ll post later (still not sure if I will write more today or not.)


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