Write-a-Thon: Day 27

700 words about a Korean girl trapped in a San Francisco massage parlor. I had Asia and Smell today.

Since it’s been a while, here’s a reminder about my Write-a-Thon goals.

Weeks 1-4: I’ll begin a new story each day and write until I get stuck, hungry, or abducted by aliens. Minimum of 500 words or 2 hours each day (whichever comes first), but I’ll keep going if the story shows promise. This should result in 28 new story beginnings ranging from decent to crap.

Weeks 5-6: I’ll complete at least two of those stories (more, if I can).

So on Sunday, I’ll look at all those story-starts and figure out what I’m doing from there. I should have plenty of time while I’m sitting in the airport. During downtime at LaunchPad, I’ll work on some stories. (I will have close to zero time in Week 6 because of an editing job.)

I plan to finish other story-starts over the coming months. So even if a story doesn’t get worked on now, I may still return to it.

Yipe. I’ve got a lot to do…

2 thoughts on “Write-a-Thon: Day 27

  1. Yes, but I still think I can finish two stories. One will almost certainly be the zoo one I talked about the other day, since I already have about half of it. There should be some downtime at the workshop (plus flight time) so I think I’ll be okay.


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