Grr. Time.

End of week 6. 4 stories complete, of the 8 I planned to finish. The primary reason I haven’t drafted more stories is that I’ve been busy revising those first few–which I’m doing because of some upcoming deadlines. I find myself cranky about not being able to focus on finishing 8 new stories as I planned, but that can’t be helped–unless I skip the deadlines, which are for various critique groups. (No actual anthology deadlines or anything, but these deadlines are firm and can’t be moved.)

Plus, I’m visiting the allergist for the first time in 15 years, and getting tests done. This is a good thing, but it’s draining my energy and health. Long-term, I’m sure I’ll feel better. Short-term, it’s been tough. My back is a mess of red welts and itchy patches that won’t go away. It’s survivable but crappy.

My mood is good and my spirits high, however. So I ask you, O readers: What would you like to see me do for the remaining two weeks? I believe any of the following are doable.

a) Complete two new stories, come hell or high water. I could do this, but it would require possibly dropping the ball on two stories I have due Sep 27 and Oct 1. (Neither deadline is critical, but I hate missing them.)

b) Focus on revisions this week, complete a story next week. Easy to do, but it feels a bit like abandoning the “8 stories in 8 weeks” plan.

c) Focus on revisions both weeks. Same problem as above, although it would help me circulate new work faster, which makes me happy.

d) Revisions this week, complete a story this week, extend my “deadline” and complete a story in Week 9 as well. Would let me compromise the upcoming revision needs with my original goals, but might feel like I’m pushing myself too hard or setting myself up for failure.

e) Not worry about it and do whatever I feel like. Could be relaxing and fun, could be super-productive, could be miserable and make me feel like a quitter. Hard to say right now.

f) Some other option I’m not thinking of.

Now accepting suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Grr. Time.

  1. I don’t know if this is feasible, but I’d suggest following the path that leads to the biggest movement creatively and productively. I don’t have enough data to say for sure, but my gut says “e.” You’ve been driving yourself pretty hard with various goals for a few months now, maybe it’s time to play (and let yourself go crazy a bit).


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