2 thoughts on “A matter of faith

  1. I was reading in one of my skiing magazines that there are religious leaders (ministers, rabbis, etc.) who take people out to explore their spirituality by skiing in the mountains. At least part of the idea is that being one with nature in that way is very spiritual. This sounds pretty consistent with scientific pantheism. And I bet you could do this with hiking, rock climbing, camping, or pretty much any outdoor activity. And if you want to start a cult, wearing down your followers with intense and scary physical activity would be a great way to make them more emotionally susceptible to your influence! 🙂


  2. That would be a terrific idea if I weren’t such a wuss about camping. 🙂 I like sitting around a campfire with Girl Scouts saying, “Ooh, look at the pretty stars.” I guess the Girls Scouts are kind of cult-like…


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