From gramina’s lj:

20 years ago: Just started 6th grade. Very excited about the Big Change of going to middle school, where I would have different teachers for each subject, and change classrooms for each class.

15 years ago: A junior in high school. I just got my drivers’ license and was thrilled with driving myself to school. Also very interested in Academic Decathlon, for which I was finally eligible.

10 years ago: Senior in college. Burned out on academics, tired of school, anxious about what to do after graduation. But in October I was probably still enjoying my friends and roleplaying a lot.

5 years ago: Working tech support for AT&T. Sort of a stasis point where I wasn’t sure what to do. About to start NaNoWriMo for the first time, which would lead to my moving to the Bay Area, which would start a whole series of positive changes.

1 year ago: Lots of writing. Not a lot has changed since last year, now that I think about it. I was preparing for our belated honeymoon, which we’d take in the springtime, and that turned out wonderfully.

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