2007 publications & accomplishments

From several sources on my friendslist, a meme. Professional accomplishments for 2007:

  • Pointing at the Moon – COSMOS, 2007
  • Emotion crept into my voice. “I want to meet the Om. I want to know what they look like, and how they think. Are they like us, or unimaginably different? I want to know.”

  • Scar Stories – Bandersnatch, 2007
  • We pick up the shards and cut each other, glass on skin, liquid with liquid, hoping to cut through to the bone and beyond.

  • Godivy – Paper Cities, 2007
  • But his photocopier is special. She’s the mother of his first hundred duplicates, and only one of them is smudged. She’s good for breeding and he likes that about her.

  • Something Wicked This Way Plumbs – Shimmer, 2007

    Candy streamed out of the faucet like the entrails of a slaughtered piñata.

  • Kill Me – Helix, 2007

    Because it’s not every day you experience death. Only every three months.

  • Dinner Made Willing – The Town Drunk, 2007

    Hi, and welcome to Sessumian Consensual Chef, the cooking show for spiritual purists!

  • Galatea – Heliotrope, 2007

    The problem is that I’ve been here long enough to start dying. I lost two fingers last week. They fell off while I was sleeping. I found them next to my pillow in the morning, and put them in a shoebox with my big toe.

  • Civilization – Glorifying Terrorism, 2007

    How nice for you, that you look so good in jackboots and a uniform! Your secret police are so dangerous that they’re sexy. They kick the enemies of the State in the street, like Rockettes in steel-toed boots.

Also learned that Lydia’s Body and Keybones, both published in 2006, received Honorable Mentions for the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Lydia’s Body was reprinted in Horror: The Best of the Year 2007. Through the Cooking Glass was a finalist for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award.

I attended Launch Pad and participated in the Glorifying Terrorism reading at WisCon.

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