2007 in 12 sentences: meme

The first 12 sentences from my blog for each month this year. Apparently I begin lots of posts with short cryptic sentences that mean little out of context.

Jan: As a mentor for Absynthe Muse, my mentees ask me the same questions frequently.

Feb: My friend Rosa Pedersen directed me to this wonderful essay.

Mar: There’s about 100 birds in the tree outside my window.

Apr: Why We Banned Legos.

May: A few links: Shannon’s pictures of Spain.

June: Not me.

July: Just for fun, I’m doing seven themed story-starts this week.

August: Better late than never.

September: When I was in college, I took Russian.

October: From LiveJournal.

November: I think my posts are appearing both on my blog and LJ now.

December: 3 AM is a strange time to be writing.

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