Thoughtful and contemplative

2007 was possibly one of the best years of my life.

The worst year was probably 2000. I’ve been on a steady uphill climb since that awful time, with each year better than the one preceding it. Each year, I think to myself that the new year can’t possibly be better than the old one, and yet each year it has been.

I’ve been wondering when things would take an inevitable downturn. I’m afraid right now I see storms brewing on the horizon for 2008. They might be nothing, or they might get ugly. Either way, there’s not a thing I could do to stop them. This year is bound to have some challenges for me.

But perhaps some amazing and great things are heading this way, and I just don’t see them yet. Or maybe they’re here now and I won’t recognize them until I gain some perspective. And maybe in the end the good will outweigh the bad, and I’ll have a terrific year anyway–much like what happened back in 2004.

Either way, 2007 will always hold happy memories for me.

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