Potlatch schedule

I’ll be at Potlatch this weekend. Here’s my schedule:

Saturday 2:30-2:50pm Reading Governor Room
[I’m probably reading Through the Cooking Glass and Scar Stories (from Bandersnatch). If the crowd seems giggly I might switch the second one to Dinner Made Willing.]

Saturday 4-5:15pm Coming Out as Atheist Main Ballroom
In a recent Gallup poll, 53% of Americans said they would not vote for an otherwise well qualified candidate for president if they knew that person was an atheist. That was the worst score of the survey. Is it possible that Americans don’t trust or like atheists because they don’t know they know any? Do we need to come out of our closet and campaign for acceptance for *this* despised and distrusted group? What are the implications for the sf community? Panelists: Ulrika O’Brien, Jay Lake, Vylar Kaftan, Mary Kay Kare.

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