Proofing question

I bet someone here knows this.

I’m a good proofreader, but I have some terminology questions. I’m talking about what to do when I get proofs back from a magazine asking me to go over a story. If you know an official/standard website for this, feel free to point me there.

1) When I’m supposed to name the location of the error, such as: page 12, para 2, line 1… do partial paragraphs at the top of the page count as number 1 for that page? I assume so, because how else could I describe a line within them unless I called it para 0?

2) Each line of dialogue counts as a new para for this purpose, right? So it’s quite possible to get to para 15 on a page?

3) When asking for a correction, do I describe exactly what’s there and what to change it to? Or just the change? For example, if the line reads, “Let’s go to the park,” and I want it to say, “Let’s go to the mall,” would I write it as: page 2, para 2, line 3, change “Let’s go to the park” to “Let’s go to the mall”? Or is it enough to say: page 2, para 2, line 3, should be “Let’s go to the mall”?


2 thoughts on “Proofing question

  1. Vy, I’m no expert, and don’t have a Net reference for you, but I can tell you how I’ve done it:
    1. Partial paragraph at the beginning is para 1.
    2. Yes, but this could be done by line number as opposed to numbering the paragraphs.
    3. I prefer to note the change by referring to the original, even if it’s just by stating a single word; e.g., “p. 2, line 14, ‘park’ should be ‘mall’.”
    Hope that helps a little. Have fun with it!


  2. I know for the second one at least that line-number starts over with each new paragraph. I got some good answers over on LJ though.


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