Paper Cities and Sybil’s Garage #5 now available

Paper Cities is now available from Senses Five Press. It’s an anthology of urban fiction, set in 21 different imaginary cities. My story, “Godivy,” is a short piece about office workers who fuck photocopiers and drink espresso from strippers’ nipples. Hey, you’ve got to write what you know.

While you’re at it, you can check out Sybil’s Garage #5, which also just came out from the fine folks at Senses Five Press. I’ve got a story called “The Girl Next Door,” which starts like this:

Her name is Maranda, and she’s running naked across my snow-covered yard. I peer through my cracked Venetian blinds. Water droplets fly off her breasts, which bounce with every step she takes. Her soaked black hair lies flat against her shoulders. Her pubic hair is as dark as her head, and I’m secretly glad, because I don’t like how young girls dye their hair now. I’ve never spoken to her, but I’m in love. She’s Maranda–naked, and wild, and she’s pounding on my door.

For the rest, check out Sybil’s Garage #5.

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