WisCon schedule

Writers workshop, Friday morning 10 AM – 12 noon.


Title: Juvenelia: What We Wrote Before We Were Writers

” A panel of professional writers reads bits of what they wrote in junior high and high school. Guaranteed to be revealing, entertaining, and a hoot and a half. ”
Friday 4-5:15
Senate A

M: Betsy James, Vylar Kaftan Joyce Frohn

Title: LiveJournal and WisCon

“You’re on LiveJournal (LJ). Like a lot of the people at WisCon, you enjoy keeping in touch with your WisCon friends through this powerful tool for connections. You might even have come to WisCon for the first time because you heard about it from LJ friends who share your interest in feminism and sff. You relish the chance to engage in discussions year round about the topics that make you passionate–gender, race, power and privilege, writing, etc. But all of a sudden, you’ve made someone on LJ mad–*really* mad. More than that, lots of people you don’t know are mad, now that your comment has been linked. What do you do now? Jump in, cave in, bow out? How do you respond at all and keep a measure of your privacy, given that the people blogging may know your real name, your sexual orientation, the details of your marriage and your relationship with your parents, and are in a position to share a lot, online or offline, with the untold numbers who now think they know what an ig!
norant person you are?”
Friday, 8:45-10:00 P.M.

M: Vylar Kaftan, Bill Humphries, Lilian Edwards, Candra Gill

Title: What Can’t We Forgive?

” SF/F fans can be forgiving sorts; we’ll let violations of physical laws go by without too much notice, permit battles with armies too large to be supported by their populations, and so on. What won’t we forgive and read on? Some people won’t forgive Orson Scott his personal politics, while some won’t forgive the moral worldview of his fiction. Some won’t forgive Anne McCaffrey her tent-peg hypothesis, while others won’t let Heinlein get away with any of a wide variety of sins. Some people can’t forgive China Mieville’s preaching, or Samuel R. Delany’s depictions of underage sex. Where do people draw the line, either with regards to an author’s work or their personal behavior, and what does it mean when we can’t forgive? ”
Saturday, 4:00-5:15 P.M.
Capitol A

M: Steven Schwartz, Susan Palwick, Judith Moffett, Ian Hagemann,Vylar Kaftan

Title: Time To Put Down The Laptop?

“Everyone and her sister/brother/dog seems to be blogging these days. Do you find blogging a waste of creative energy and a bane to more polished fiction? Does talking about your process keep you from engaging in it? Counting your words rather than crafting them? Or do you think this is a false economy of scarcity? Does blogging actually help you write more, better, faster, better-crafted? If so, how? ”
Sunday, 10:00-11:15 A.M.

M: Alan Bostick, M.K. Hobson, Naamen Tilahun, Cecilia Tan, Vylar Kaftan

Title: Taboo

[A transgressive reading. In other words, we’ll be reading dirty, nasty stuff. Good thing my parents aren’t coming to WisCon this year…]

Sunday, 1:00-2:15 P.M.

M.K. Hobson, Jennifer Pelland, Rachel Swirsky, Vylar Kaftan

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