Health forecast for WisCon

Scattered meals with a light chance of pain.

No, seriously–I think I’ll do fine at WisCon. I’m definitely much better and I think I can deal with a con. A change in medicines has really helped me out. My biggest barriers will be remembering to rest when I feel tired (not get hyped up and push through it, like I tend to), and having a very limited diet still. I need to be finicky about where I go for meals, and I’ve planned ahead for which restaurants I can safely eat at.

I hope my friends are understanding of my current limitations and willing to let me pick the restaurants. Looks like I might be doing small, relaxed meals with a friend or two. I even think I can manage the Dessert Salon, which is a minor miracle.

But mostly I’ll just be happy and grateful to be attending WisCon. 🙂

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