12 question meme

I like this meme because it covers the basics–all the things people feel embarrassed to ask because they figure they should already know. 🙂

1. First Name: Vylar

2. Age: 31

3. Location: Walnut Creek, CA (near San Francisco)

4. Occupation: Writer/Editor.

5. Partner: Shannon, my husband. It’s really fun to call customer service and have them try to figure out whether they’re talking to Vylar or Shannon, and what the gender of the other partner might be.

6. Kids: None, and no plans to have any. I usually like other people’s kids, though.

7. Brothers/Sisters: My brother is two years older and my sister is four years younger. I’ve complained enough about being a middle child that we don’t need to go into that again. 🙂

8. Pets: Oh, I wish. I want a cat so very much. But… achoo. Severely. And dogs too. I used to keep an aquarium, but that’s bad for my mold allergies. I know about the allergy-free cats, but I want a plain healthy farm kitten or something like that. My allergies are severe enough that even with the shots I’m currently getting, a cat may not be an option. Who knows… maybe in 10 years things will change again.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life: Oh dear.
a. Health problems. This probably counts as 3-5 things on its own. I have been struggling with stuff since November, hit the worst of it in March, and am slowly adjusting to new lifestyle habits. I am much better than I was, but there’s still a lot of work to be done–and frankly, although I have one diagnosis in hand, I know there’s at least one more to find, and maybe two. Here’s hoping for something easily treated. The good news is, I’m noticing how much better I’m feeling with these changes, and also that I’m functional again. I’m taking delight in things like going for a walk and eating peaches and things like that. Plus, I discovered a ton of great movies during my recovery time.
b. My writing is selling like crazy. This is pretty awesome. Since last November, I’ve been hovering around a 44% acceptance rate… which means I’m almost out of inventory. I need to write more stories.
c. My grandfather died in April. He was 88. This was a long-expected and peaceful event. All his grandkids (including me) paid him a visit in his final months, when he was still lucid enough to appreciate it. He died with his wife and children nearby, and didn’t suffer. His memorial service was simple and beautiful. When I die, hopefully many years from now, I want it to be like Grandpa’s passing.
d. I am very worried for a dear friend of mine who is sick and in the hospital. I write her letters nearly every day, because that’s how often I think of her. And since she’s probably reading this–get well soon. All your friends love you.
e. We can has Wii! Shannon’s going to try and find a game I’ll like for my birthday. I’m very finicky about games, but he’s clever and I bet he can find something. I like watching him play games on it too.

10. College: Grinnell College, a small liberal-arts school in the middle of Iowa.

11. Parents: They’re both retired now, but my dad was a math professor and my mom was a computer science professor. With two academics for parents, I had no shortage of educational opportunities as a child. But I did have a rude awakening when I discovered that most adults don’t get summers off, nor can they do most of their work at home.

12. Who are some of your closest friends?: Shannon is my best friend, of course. Other good friends are Laura W., Ali B., Janann D., Darja M., Rachel S., Alice S., Melanie D., Katy K., Tasha K., and Devin C. There’s also a huge list of folks I’m getting to know better over time. I like my friends. They’re great people.

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