Life updates

I haven’t posted much because there isn’t much news lately, but here’s a short update.

–I now have diagnosis for Medical Condition #2, to match Medical Condition #1 discovered in March. I’m going for the complete boxed set! This condition is also lifelong and won’t kill me, but will require some management. (Are we sensing a theme here?) This one is less of a surprise, but just as problematic. More major lifestyle changes ahead for me. My feelings on the matter: deeply tired of this, but trying to be gentle with myself. It takes time to change my life.

–I’m going to a writers’ retreat with the Codex folks for ten days. It’s in Tennessee. I’m excited about some time to focus on my writing, and glad to be well enough to go.

–I’m really mad about losing all this time this spring (even though I understand it was necessary) and I’m ready to attack some stories and get some writing done, dammit!

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