Birthday trivia

Apparently the most common birthday in the U.S. is October 5th. That lines up nicely with New Year’s Eve conceptions (since gestation is actually closer to 40 weeks than to 9 months, if I recall right, and months have different numbers of days anyway.)

The least common birthday is May 22. I guess it’s too hot in August.

These may change in the future, due to modern conveniences like air conditioning and so forth.

Anyway, I did find a list of the most/least common birthday months, but it didn’t adjust for number of days in the month. So it was pretty useless. Of COURSE February is the least common birthday month. *mutter*

But they did show August as #1 and July as #2, which doesn’t sound right to me at all. Anyway, as I said, not terribly useful if you don’t adjust for the length of the month.

9 thoughts on “Birthday trivia

  1. Hey! My wife and I just had our first baby on May 22. Woohoo! He won’t have to share his birthday with anyone. (Although my birthday is three days earlier.)


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  3. I was born on May 22, in the early 1950s, so I’ve been around for a while, and this is the first I’ve heard my date is the least common.


  4. Cool, my mom told me bout a article she read in startelegram saying may 22nd was rarest bday in u.s. Ive told many people my bday was the least common, let no one believed me, they all go ” No leap year is” But wateve, its the truth :). I hate how people cant accept facts… -chuckles- oh well.


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