Problems with long hair…

Is there anyone out there who both:

1) has extremely long hair (I can almost sit on mine)
2) exercises daily?

I need to increase my activity levels. I’m doing my best to stick to this, but I’m having trouble with my hair feeling sweaty and gross. I only wash it three times a week, and it feels icky on the days where I haven’t washed it. I was trying to figure this out, and then I realized I don’t know anyone who exercises daily and has long hair. So I’m wondering if these are strongly connected. I would hate to cut my hair off, but it’s discouraging me from exercising.

Anyone? Is there a hair product or shampoo that would help here? Do I just need to cut my hair? Or suck up and deal with being sweaty? (If I wash my hair more often, it dries out and breaks off.)

Edited to add: These are great comments and I’ll respond more soon! But here’s more detail about my hair. It is very very long, and thick–but the individual hairs are very fine and there’s definitely breakage all the way down. It is very slightly wavy, but near-straight. The bottom three inches are pretty rough and splintered and need a trim. I have to trim it regularly or the ends look awful. So the bottom of the hair is dry, and the top is oily; if I go more than 4 days without washing it, it sticks together in that nasty way (even if I’ve been sedentary).

The exercise at this point is walking; I am wearing a sun-hat to protect myself, and that’s part of the trouble because it collects the sweat and keeps my head a little warmer. I do tie my hair back with non-tear Scunci brand elastics; it still breaks and tears no matter how careful I am. I often do braids instead of ponytails for that reason. Even so, short hairs escape and get everywhere. I’ve had my hair chin-length and never been happy with it. A while ago I cut off 18 inches for Locks of Love; I grew it all back and swore I didn’t want to cut it again. Now I am rethinking that.

2 thoughts on “Problems with long hair…

  1. my hair isn’t long anymore, but it used to be about your length, and super thick, and mostly straight. I wash daily but if I am not using good shampoo for my hair or if I am not alternating shampoo or if I am not conditioning, my hair will break.

    But! A lot of people –including a bunch of swimmers with long hair in my swim class — are swearing by the so-called “dry shampoos” like this. Supposedly they make your hair feel clean, not oily and help get that exercise gook out of it.

    Also, some people use conditioner daily and shampoo maybe once a week… I wonder if that would work for you or if it would feel too much like just putting oil on top of the sweat?

    Otherwise it sounds like you’re doing everything I did when I had long hair and things I do now with somewhere between chin-and-shoulder length hair (which has its own issues).


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