“Galatea” podcast at PodCastle

“Galatea” is now available as a podcast from Podcastle. It’s really weird to hear my work read by someone else! But neat, though. It’s like discovering a fresh side of the story for me.

If you’ve never tried a podcast, it’s pretty easy. You can either download it or just play it from your browser. It’s about 30 minutes long, so you can take a popcorn break partway through if you want.

3 thoughts on ““Galatea” podcast at PodCastle

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  2. Just drifted in from that story, and I enjoyed it! Many of us need to learn to connect with the world around us, especially those in larger cities. Reminds me of a story run by Mur Lafferty in Escape Pod around Christmas called Citytalkers, in which a city rises up and rebels against its apathetic population. What made that one so memorable to me? Well, it took place in my hometown and place of residence, Charlotte, NC! Yes, that one, as well as your piece, definitely made me think of how I relate to people and how I try to get to know those around me. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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