Published in Realms of Fantasy

I got my contributors’ copies for the October issue of Realms of Fantasy, where “The Luckiest Street in Georgia” is published. The illustration is wonderful! Eric Dinyer read the story closely and captured details accurately, depicting multiple scenes in one montage (can that word apply to illustrations too?)

What I like most is the wise look in Minette’s eyes. She’s 83 and has seen many things. (In a speculative fiction sense of the word, too.)

The story was written in the 2005 Clarion West Write-a-Thon, so I can thank Kate for inspiring me to write this one. And my former neighbor’s cat, an old tuxedo cat named Minette, who liked to sit on porches and look at things. I spent rather a lot of time looking at Minette, and her occasional gray visitor that I dubbed Tom.

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