What, there’s more of these things?

Okay, so a while ago I asked you guys what to do with 15 heads of garlic.

New question: What should I do with 10 heads of garlic… and 20 ONIONS??

Ideas so far–softball practice, making mean people cry, meditating on the psychology of ogres…

4 thoughts on “What, there’s more of these things?

  1. I haven’t made a good French onion soup, since I dont’ eat mammals or dairy… I did make a soup of onions, broth, wine, and olive oil which wasn’t bad, but completely disagreed with me (likely the oil). The garlic spread is something my husband would eat, I bet–thanks for the idea!


  2. If you must use them all at once, roast the garlic and caramelize the onions for delicious pizza toppings! Do this during congestion season since the dutch ovens that result from two people eating such gas-inducing fare are pretty nasty.

    I have a good nice recipe for a veggie/vegan paella (I think it uses some butter…) that uses a decent amount of onion and a whole head of garlic (plus a few cloves for good measure). It’s in one of my cooktomes at home, though.


  3. Yeah, the garlic will get roasted… Someone on LJ suggested onion butter (no dairy) which might be worth a try! No pizza here, unfortunately–I’m not eating dairy, and Shannon doesn’t like onions much.


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