More help for my friend

I am extremely grateful for all the ideas you guys offered to help my friend, and I know she appreciates it too.

They are good ideas. But there’s a snag in the plan at this point. As I mentioned before, her current living situation is potentially unsafe. After new events, it’s become even more dangerous. That makes it hard to pursue any treatment plan.

What options are there for someone who has no income and whose only living space is with a mentally-ill family member who may harm her? Can she be defined as homeless, and if so, what living or shelter arrangements might there be? I just don’t know anything about this. Who can use resources like that? How good/bad are they?

I’m really out of my knowledge zone here, so I appreciate any leads you can offer. She needs a treatment plan, but she needs a physically safe place to be first. I wish there were a live-in treatment program she could afford, but that option is no longer available, I think.

Thank you all.

ETA: Original story here, if you missed it.

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