Review of “Christmas Wedding”

Amal El-Mohtar reviewed the Warrior Wisewoman anthology and said this about my story:

Vylar Kaftan’s “Christmas Wedding” is definitely my favourite piece; the narration and dialogue are genuine, there’s horror and humour and bittersweetness mixed in good proportion, and the whole of it comes together as an effective, lovely story that makes you want to hug your loved ones and prepare for the apocalypse all at once.

[Hug your loved ones and prepare for the apocalypse? That’s what I do every morning! Hi Shannon!]

Full review here.

3 thoughts on “Review of “Christmas Wedding”

  1. THAT review will make a lot of people want to read your story. I do!

    And where did you get this website? Did someone make it for you or did you do it yourself? This is exactly the kind of thing I have been wanting for my own website.

    -Bill Ledbetter


  2. Thanks. 🙂

    I did this myself (and soon I want to upgrade to something fancier). But this has been a good starting site. I use WordPress, and this design is a template and is free online. There’s several places you can find templates, and you can choose from hundreds. You can even search for a particular color if you want blue or whatever.

    I am technically inept and managed to do this, so it’s not very hard.


  3. A friend of my has been pushing me toward WordPress for the last year and I’ve been dragging my feet. Not sure why, I guess I just didn’t want to have to learn something new, but if you say it is easy, then I think I will check it out. Thanks.


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