Short-haired thoughts

–My brain is much lighter now!

–I spent most of Friday morning bouncing around, looking in the mirror, saying OMG MY HAIR! I got over it by mid-day. 🙂

–People keep asking whether I have “ghost sensations” where I try to use too much shampoo, or sweep non-existent hair out of my way. Not really. The first night, I was about to braid my hair before going to bed, then realized I was done with that. Other than that, nothing.

–I love it even more as time passes. I walked out of the salon thinking I was sure I liked short hair, but not sure about this style. Now I love this style too. And dang, it’s so convenient!

–Everything is easier. Swimming, exercising, showering, getting dressed, wearing a necklace… it’s so different.

–Shannon shaved his head. He looks great! Probably about 10 inches of hair gone. It was quite a weekend of hair-loss in this household.

–I can really freak myself out by putting on my hat. I look just like I did before, if I had my hair in a ponytail. Then I can take off the hat, and WHOA where did it go? 🙂

–If any longhaired folk are considering chopping: My advice is to wait one month and be sure you want to do it. If you still want to do it, then absolutely–go for it, and don’t be afraid! It’ll grow back anyway.

–If this seems like an overreaction to a haircut… remember I haven’t had more than a trim since 2000 or so. I cut off hair that had lived with me in three states. Cutting it off felt a little like giving away a beloved pet, though to a lesser degree of course. I feel great knowing that somewhere a wig-needing kid will be very happy.

–Yay short hair!

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