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Wow. L. Timmel Duchamp had this to say about “Godivy,” published in Paper Cities. This review was in Strange Horizons. Overall, she didn’t like the book, but she liked my story–and what a compliment she paid to it:

Though only three pages long, Vylar Kaftan’s “Godivy” strikes me as the best story in the book; it’s also the first one to grant a woman character agency. If I’d been given it in a blind reading, I’d’ve assumed it was written by Leslie What. It doesn’t matter that the characters are merely figures for playing out a conceit. The tale’s style is snappy, its images delightful and snarky, and every word carries its weight. Less, here, is definitely more.

That makes my day. 🙂

In other news, Transcriptase has new work published by myself, Jennifer Pelland, Leah Cypess, Tina Connelly, Ada Milenkovic Brown, Ruth Nestvold, and a handful of others who were added after the initial publication of the site. Go check out the new stories–or, if you have no idea what Transcriptase is, check out the site and see what inspired it.

You can read “Break the Vessel”, the infamous poop story, which unfortunately was caught up in all the Helix drama and unable to achieve its full fecal glory.

4 thoughts on “Writing news

  1. I saw this and almost emailed you about it, but I figured you would see it soon enough. In a review where he pretty much tore the rest of the book to shreds, his praise for your story is pretty great indeed.


  2. Congrats on the wonderful review, and from such an illustrious personage!

    Now I’m itching to read your story, but I’m not sure I want to buy the book after reading the reviews of the other pieces. Do you concur with her criticisms?


  3. I agree with some of what she says, and disagree in other places. Most reviews of the book are much more positive. I think you’re best off reading it yourself and deciding whether you agree or not.


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