Anyone local have a sewing machine?

Anyone local with a sewing machine who wants to be paid for a small project?

Shannon had a white elephant gift exchange at work and got a fleece blanket craft project.  It’s two pieces of fleece, and you’re supposed to make fringe and knot the edges together.  However, because of my allergies, blankets in this house take heavy abuse in the washing machine and I’m worried the fringe won’t survive.

So I was thinking it might be smarter to sew it together.  It’s two big squares of fleece and the project would take 15 minutes to complete.  Should be easy.  But I don’t have a sewing machine.

Anyone interested?  I can pay whatever is reasonable.  Let me know, thanks.

P.S. it’s SHARK FLEECE.  Now you know why I must have this. 🙂

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