Voice recognition software

Come to think of it, I’m also interested in seeing some voice recognition software and experimenting with it. I know you have to train it to be specific to your voice, but I’d still like to see it. I would need Mac software eventually, but anything is fine for now.

Anyone have some? Anyone used it? How do you like it?

Anyone local have voice recognition software I can come over and see? (purplerabbit, maybe you do?)

2 thoughts on “Voice recognition software

  1. I use MacSpeech Dictate, which came with a headset microphone. Training time was less than twenty minutes. The down side for me is the number of things it gets wrong. In fiction I use proper names, which it will understand but often seems to substitute one for another, like “Kerry” for “Terry”. And writing SF/F means I use a lot of terms it doesn’t understand.

    I’ve noticed a qualitative difference in my writing when using it. I tend to use more dialogue for some reason, and do manage to write for longer periods.

    Amazon sells it for $163 (http://www.amazon.com/MacSpeech-MACSPEECH-DICTATE-Dictate/dp/B0014KJ6EQ/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=software&qid=1236215368&sr=8-1). I bought my copy from eBay for a little over $100, while a friend found a copy for even less on craigslist.


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