The purplest prose ever

This description is even worse than that Viking Warrior book that gets passed around Clarion West.

Break your brain by reading it.

A quote: Her hair had the sheen of the sea beneath an eclipsed moon. It was the color of a leopard’s tongue, of oiled mahogany. It was terra cotta, bay and chestnut. Her hair was a helmet, a hood, the cowl of the monk, magician, or cobra.

And it gets better (worse). It’s from a published book too.

4 thoughts on “The purplest prose ever

  1. I’m late to this game (and don’t really regret that), but I have seen the light!

    “Her face had the fragrance of a gibbous moon”: this is written from the viewpoint of someone suffering from synaesthesia.

    And now everything becomes clear…;-)


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