10 messages for 10 readers

1. This list is such a great idea that I stole it from you. Though I wish your pain and suffering had never happened, our friendship has deepened as a result and I’m glad for that. You’re stronger than you think and you have power you don’t even realize.

2. You’ve been a bedrock of support through a difficult time in my life. I should have turned to you when I needed you. But even now, you give me the support that helps me be strong.

3. I feel like we bonded instantly when we met. There’s some sort of connection between us that crosses the continents. Let’s wander the Mission together again sometime. Or just brainstorm like mad about anything and everything.

4. You’re under so much stress lately and I wish I could make it better. I do what I can to help, which includes making a great tuna salad and giving backrubs. You bring out the best in me.

5. I always feel guilty about asking you to read a story draft, but you’re so damn good at finding the problems that I keep asking. I hope you’ll let me know if you ever get overwhelmed. And by the way, I like you exactly as you are.

6. We don’t talk as much as I’d like, but if I were there, I’d give you the biggest hug of your life and let you cry on my shoulder.

7. I know you won’t read this for another month, if ever, but I’m incredibly proud of the commitment you’ve made to change your life. Your letters are a delight to receive. I will keep writing to you four times a week as you heal and recover. You are amazing: never forget that.

8. I know these days look dark for you, but good things are around the corner. You’ll get there. I’m thinking I might fly out there next year so we can write together.

9. Your new kitten came into your life at just the right moment. I’m glad you have him. And that he has you.

10. I wish you believed in yourself as much as I do.

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