Clomp clomp clomp

Through the 90’s, I wore a women’s size 8.5. “Aha,” my pubescent self thought, “I have grown into my adult shoe size.”

In 2004 or so, after Shannon had moved in, I found that men’s shoes seemed to fit better. So I switched to men’s 8 (which is equivalent to women’s 9 wide, a half-size larger than I thought I wore.)

My shoes always seemed too confining somehow, and last year I started buying men’s 8.5 (women’s 9.5 wide) and that felt a lot better.

Yesterday I just went shopping for shoes, and now I’m in a men’s 9 (women’s 10 wide). Shoes sizes haven’t changed–it’s me.

Is Bigfoot disease marrigenetic? Can I inherit it from my husband?

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