An attempt at the most boring post ever

In 2007, I bought two plain t-shirts at JC Penney’s, where I never shop. I just needed new clothes for a trip and the store was convenient.

Last year, I got notice of a class action lawsuit. Penney’s had done… something. I ignored it.

Last week, I got a card in the mail that gave me $10 off a $10 purchase as settlement for the lawsuit. Basically, something free from Penney’s. Well, okay then. I went to the store and tried on some stuff. Nothing fit or looked good.

So I went back to the same rack where I bought two t-shirts before, and bought two more t-shirts of the same brand and style. In different colors. Total cost: $2.18.

This post has no point. And I think I’m the kind of customer JC Penney’s would like to see spontaneously combust.

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