WisCon reading

I’ll be reading in Taboo 2: Electric Bugaloo. It’s the sequel to last year’s Taboo reading. We’ll read our edgiest work and won’t pull any punches. The readers are myself, Ted Kosmatka, Rachel Swirsky, and Jennifer Pelland. Last year, we made the audience cringe–but everyone stayed to hear more. Stories involved worshipping feces, kissing dead dogs, and other taboo topics.

Taboo 2 will be from 4:00-5:30 PM on Saturday in Conference Room 2. We’ll be raffling off prizes again. Come hear what our new Taboos are.

I’ll be reading “Fulgurite,” which is published in the brand-new Sybil’s Garage #6.

Here’s the opening paragraph.

by Vylar Kaftan


I will be struck by lightning on July 13. I know this because I saw a unicorn in the desert sky earlier tonight. Its cockroach body and feathered wings cast shadows on the ground. Lightning forked from its horn, like decisions in my life. Decision to move to Phoenix: fork. Decision to finish my degree: fork. Decision to date Maddoc: fork. All the lives I rejected flash across the sky and are gone, except the one that will strike me. In two days, on a Thursday. Thursday the Thirteenth.

You’ll hear the whole story at the reading.

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