Not fair!

Everyone else who got the con crud at WisCon is saying, “It’s only a minor cold, not a big deal.”

I haven’t been this sick since norovirus. Now my voice loss is total, and I’m coughing up all sorts of crap and sleeping most of the day. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like a very small brick had lodged itself in my sinuses.

Not that I want anyone else to be sick too, but this sucks!

In other news of whining, I may have to take a sledgehammer to the laundry room. It’s not like the machines ever work anyway.

2 thoughts on “Not fair!

  1. Vylar,

    Hi. You have con crud from Wiscon? Oh, dear. I was at Wiscon (in the session for writers with 1 pro sale, no less) and now I have something. I want to compare symptoms.

    I felt fine at Wiscon. I spent Monday on airplanes. Tuesday I went to work and stayed up late (short on sleep). Wednesday the same. Thursday afternoon I had an eye exam at a clinic where the waiting room was shared with orthopedics, oncology, etc. I got eye drops, which have caused a mild reaction in the past. After the exam I browsed through a Pier One store and started coughing. (I assumed they were using some air freshener, or there was a scent from some of their candles, that I was reacting to.) As soon as I got home I went to bed, woke up at 10 PM and had dinner, went to bed at 12 and woke up again at 8 AM Friday. I felt horribly draggy–fuzzy and unable to concentrate. I decided this was due to my previous sleep deprivation and went to work. I did not get better, coughed, and went home at 11 AM. More sleep, not much appetite. I could sit up and do things that required no concentration. Today (Saturday) I woke up after 8 hours of sleep. I feel better, but tired. I cough occasionally.

    I thought I had caught something Thursday at the clinic. Now I’m wondering if I caught the crud at Wiscon. Do my symptoms sound anything like yours?

    Anyway, I hope both of us feel better soon. Also note that I’m writing your Codex account. I joined after hearing about it at the panel. So thanks!

    Good luck,

    Brenda Kalt


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