Swine flu immunities

So the swine flu is spreading so quickly that WHO can’t keep track of it all anymore.

I’m fascinated by pandemics in a morbid way. I know my epidemiology pretty well, but there’s something I’m not sure of.

Swine flu hasn’t been as bad as many people feared (thank Hypnotoad), but it could mutate into something more deadly. Given the current strain attacking the world, many people have already had it.

If the virus mutates, will those people who already had swine flu:
a) have better resistance to the new strain
b) face the same risk as the rest of us
c) unknown; we can’t tell unless we know exactly how it mutates

In other words, will the current bout of swine flu offer the world any protection against a more dangerous one? Anyone know? Akaba, I’m looking at you. 🙂 But if anyone else knows, tell me. I believe the answer is c, but I’m not positive.

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