A quiet house with wood floors, somewhere in a forest. It has a basement for Shannon and an attic for me. He codes and builds things. I write and dance. We both work from home, so we’re able to keep our schedules as we like them. The house has great temperature control, so we can keep our workspaces at our preferred temperatures. We meet for lunch and dinner, of course, and on the ground floor we have a spacious kitchen and a large TV for playing our favorite videogames.

Outside, there’s long forested trails for me to walk along and think. Nearby, we’ve got lots of our friends as our neighbors. I can drop in and see what’s happening, or find people to play board games. They’re welcome at our place too. Some of them are writers or artists or programmers, and we create our work together in the same place. Maybe we even collaborate.

We’re committed to local, sustainable farming–so we share food communally with our neighbors and frequently have common meals. Some of our neighbors have kids, and I consider them all family.

Nearby, there’s a town for supplies, but it’s far enough away that we’re free from traffic and city noise. We connect to the world through the Internet, and participate in lots of online gatherings and conversations.

And of course there are cats, which I am no longer allergic to.

What’s in your daydreams?

4 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. This sounds very much like my grandmother’s house, except that hers lacks an attic. My wife and I are planning on buying it from her in a few years and doing basically what you just described here. Maybe we’ll invite you and Shannon over to visit… assuming that you can make it to rural Minnesota!


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