Blood shortage

Hey folks.  When I went to the Red Cross to donate blood, they had a sign pleading for donations.  They desperately need type O- blood.  Any blood always helps, but O- is the most critical because anyone can receive it safely (meaning that they can use it for an accident victim of unknown bloodtype).  So O- gets used more heavily than other types.

Please donate if you can–any blood type is useful and helpful.  If you don’t know your type, they will tell you.  If you’ve gone a few times and don’t go regularly, please give them a call at 1-800-GIVELIFE Monday through Saturday, visit their website, or just drop in.  Many centers are open on Sundays.


Some comments, now that you’ve read the most important part.

  • I know the blood donation rules are homophobic.  I agree.  I still choose to donate.  It’s okay to donate and then write letters to Congrespeople and agencies complaining about the ridiculously unfair rules.  But the way I see it is that my gift might save a life–straight or GLBT.  I wonder if I can transmit liberal cooties with my blood…
  • I know that not everyone can give blood. Some people have medical reasons and some have personal reasons. That’s also 100% okay. I don’t want to pressure anyone who isn’t comfortable.  I’m talking to people who have given occasionally before, or people who haven’t tried it.  Please consider stopping in and making a donation.  You get free cookies. 🙂
  • Again, it’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable–but if you’re concerned because you’re on medications, don’t worry. They have a list of about 20 medicines that are disallowed, and you can read which ones on the website.  They are mostly blood-texture drugs (like thinners and so on).  Things like antidepressants, thyroid pills, allergy meds, birth control — all fine.  Even diabetics can donate, if their blood sugar is well controlled.  See their site for more info.

And thank you for listening.

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