Anyone in the Bay Area want a kitten?

My friend Corie has a kitten who needs a home.  She writes:

I have an adorable orange tabby kitten (“Milton”) that I have been fostering, and I’m now trying to find him a home. (picture at: I’d love to keep him, but since I already have 4 cats, I think that keeping Milton would push me squarely over into “crazy cat lady” territory, if I’m not already there. If you know anyone looking to adopt a cat, let me know! He’s been fixed and has had all his shots.

I WANT KITTEN. And I cannot have him.  Very allergic, and my lease doesn’t allow it.  Sigh.  Maybe when I have a house, and if/when these allergy shots help…

Anyway.  Let me know if you want him, and I’ll put you in touch with Corie.

ETA:  Kitten has a home now.  Yay!

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