World Fantasy membership & hotel room space available

My husband’s going on a business trip, so I’ll be at World Fantasy by myself.

So I have his membership for sale, and I need a roommate. The membership is $125 (what we paid for it).

I have a room reserved in the Fairmont; I’m looking for a quiet non-smoker to split the cost. I’m also a quiet non-smoker. Female or male (if we have a mutual friend who can vouch for you) is fine with me. I’d love someone who can come in quietly at night, preferably without turning on lights if possible. I’m a very light sleeper and I go to bed early.

Let me know if you’re interested. It’d be easiest if the same person wants both the membership and the hotel space. But if you only want one or the other, let me know and maybe I can work that out.

ETA: I can bring a nightlight. Or if the light’s only on for a minute, that’s okay too.

ETA again: It’s taken. Sorry–there’s so many people who want a membership.

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