San Jose Police Department follows up with me

You may remember this letter about the rape victim in the Fairmont Hotel. I received an email from a supervisor at the San Jose Police Department:

My name is John Rose and I am the Day Shift Lieutenant in charge of the Central Division where the Fairmont Hotel is located. Chief Davis forwarded your concerns to me, and I have been assigned to investigate the incident in question which occurred on November 1st. There are so many factors involved when conducting an investigation of this sort that I will need more information than is presented in your letter. I would appreciate it if you could call me so that I could get some more details regarding that morning, and further discuss your concerns regarding this incident. Thank you for your letter and inquiry, and I look forward to discussing this case with you in order to determine what exactly took place. I work from 5:30 AM to 4:30 PM, but I always carry my phone with me and will try to be as available to you as I can.

We’ll be speaking today at 4 PM Pacific (90 minutes from now).

Now taking suggestions for things to mention or ask about, aside from telling him what I saw.

ETA: He’s been called to an arson case and can’t talk now, but we’re going to talk tomorrow. So feel free to post more comments.

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