From the news:

The octopus who loves his Mr Potato Head

Louis the octopus clearly thinks two heads are better than one when it comes
to toys.

The 1.8m-wide (6ft) creature is so attached to Mr Potato Head that he turns
aggressive when aquarium staff try to remove it from his tank.

The giant Pacific octopus was given the toy for Christmas and has even
learned to dig out food hidden in a secret box at the back of it.

‘He’s fascinated by it,’ said Matt Slater, of the Blue Reef Aquarium in
Newquay, Cornwall. ‘He attacks the net we use to fish the toy out every time
we try to take it away.’

Mr Slater added: ‘Octopuses are very intelligent and they like to be
stimulated and busy.’

The picture is great.

My God, that Mr Potato Head’s life is a living hell. I can see it now…

Day 386: Still in clutches of tentacled beast. It rummages through my backside daily looking for food. I fear it will never let me go. Curse this plastic body which cannot decompose fast enough!

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