Sweet romance novels

Hey all! I know I’ve got some well-read readers on this blog. I’d like some help with book suggestions.

My grandma listens to lots of audiobooks. She really likes romances, but doesn’t want any sex in them. My mom and I are trying to think of books, but neither of us reads this genre much.

Do you have any suggestions that we could look at?

I know the term “sweet romance” is sometimes applied to this kind of book (thanks rosalux!) but I am hoping for recommendations that people have read.

Here’s the guidelines:
1) No sex. At most, an implication like “They kissed. He turned out the light. [scene break]” is okay.
2) Happy endings.
3) Moderate Christian content is fine, but not too heavy. Grandma is Christian, but she doesn’t want the books preaching at her and so on.
4) Bonus points for pioneer stories, patriotic/American settings, and the presence of children/families somewhere in the story.

So far, Janette Oke was perfect. We haven’t tried Georgette Heyer yet, but she looks like a good match. Any other ideas for authors or books? Thank you!

ETA: Some speculative content would be fine, if it meets the other criteria.  I think she’d be okay with something like magic as long as it’s G rated.

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