An Indianapolis hospital visit

I’m in Indianapolis visiting Darja Malcolm-Clarke, also known as ombriel on lj.  She’s in the hospital with a high-risk pregnancy.  You can read the details here, but the short version is that she’s carrying fraternal twins who are likely to be premature.  Twin B is in particular danger.  Her situation is complicated–even the doctors have no idea what will happen with this pregnancy.  Darja’s goal is to Stay Pregnant for at least another month, and more if possible.  With her permission, I’m offering an outside perspective on her condition.

It’s been an amazing visit.  Her husband Ryan went home for a few days, though I did get to meet him briefly.  I came here for four days, planning to write and maybe watch some movies.  But for the most part, we’ve just been talking and talking and talking.  About everything, and then some.  Her eyes look strained, but she’s otherwise remarkably healthy–good color, weight, and so on.

She’s doing a remarkable job of keeping herself steady and stable.  She takes things day by day, hour by hour when necessary.  We’ve had other visitors too.  I feel like I’m attending to a faery queen in court–Darja reclines in state while guests gather around her.

I watched the babies’ heartbeats on the monitor,which was neat.  I’m still hoping for a litter of kittens, but twins are pretty cute too. 🙂  I got to feel Baby A kick.  She’s been kicking a lot lately: “Hey Mom.  Mom.  MOM.”  Pretty soon she’ll be tapdancing on Darja’s bladder, or asking for the car keys. I haven’t seen much from Baby B, but I did see his heartbeat, and I’m sending him wishes for good health and strength in the coming weeks.  I figure he’s letting his sister do the kicking.

Darja’s overall health is very good.  Although an infection could risk her health and life, the nurses are watching her closely.  I’m impressed with the hospital staff here (they’re absolutely great), and I am personally not worried about losing Darja.  We’re playing Apples to Apples tonight, along with local friends Danielle and Ali.  We’ve threatened to host a rave in the hospital room, but I think we don’t have enough glowsticks.

Darja loves all the letters, comments, emails, packages, and everything.  She doesn’t always have time to answer, but she’s grateful to know people are thinking of her.

So that’s the story.  I’m really, really glad I came out here.  And I’m glad Darja has so many friends who love her.

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