My goodness. I’d better get a post in before April passes by.

I’ve spent the last month:
1) working on a novel
2) suffering through peak allergy season
3) not reading LJ.

In fact, I haven’t read LJ in more than a month, maybe two. I ask forgiveness from all of you who wanted to tell me what you had for lunch. Oh wait, that’s Twitter. Anyway, if you’ve had some enormous life-changing event since February, I probably missed it, and I’m sorry about that. I’ll start reading again from the current day. Quick, tell me what you had for lunch!

I’ve got some story sales, which I’ll post when I sign contracts. Also, remember my friend ombriel, who had the high-risk pregnancy? The babies are born, only a little premature. Her daughter is mostly healthy, and her son is critically ill. Send some good thoughts their way, if you feel inclined.

More soon.

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