Music survey

What artist do you have the most albums (or songs) by?

I have 19 Cirque du Soleil albums. A distant second place is Enya with 9 albums, and third is Queen with 8. I have a lot of 7’s and 6’s.

(Of course I have plenty of variety besides these. I listen to a _lot_ of music when I write.)

4 thoughts on “Music survey

  1. 1. Ani DiFranco: 23 albums
    2. Enya: 8ish
    3. Sarah McLachlan: 7ish

    One might conclude I have a penchant for female vocalists. One would be correct. 🙂


  2. Why, thank you… yours are none too shabby, either.

    How did you get turned on to Cirque du Soleil albums, and how would you characterize that music?


  3. Cirque is worldbeat electronica. I fell in love with the stuff during college. It’s exactly what I like to write to.

    I also have Sarah McL and Ani around here too.


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