What to donate?

I’d like to help with Deb Mensinger’s liver transplant, but I’m not sure what to donate.  Suggestions?

a) A 750-word flash fiction story about anything the bidder wants.  Go on, make me write about fire hydrants cross-breeding with robot goldfish in a secret CIA program.

b) A critique of a short story, or 3 novel chapters plus synopsis

c) An Italian aria belted out somewhere in public, perhaps WisCon, and I will perform while kneeling before you.

d) A painted miniature from Reaper (the little figures used in gaming, any mini you like under $10 with any hair/clothing colors you want.

Any of these sound like something people would bid on?  Someday I’ll be cool enough to have galleys, first editions, and writerly-stained underwear…

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